How to Save TikTok With No Watermark Instantaneously?

Summary: If you are in need of an expert solution to save and download Tiktok videos, jumpstart your journey with the help of this blog. Learn how to save TikTok with no watermark and start downloading tiktok without watermark instantaneously.

TikTok is a phenomenal social media app that lets users create and share excellent videos in a short video format. As a social media application, TikTok is widely famous for its short videos.

When many platforms concentrated on long video formats, TikTok’s unique way brought many people to this platform. The popularity of TikTok videos is such that though there are many competitions, it is regarded as the hot zone till now. Henceforth, this pays the way for many to download tiktok without watermark (videos), too. As many free sites are available, using tiktok download video app can be significant.

But there is a slight problem that comes when you download tiktok without watermark. Wondering what? Here, when using tiktok download video to download Tiktok video, the watermark is the significant fact that stops a person from posting the video on other platforms. That is why learning how to save tiktok without watermark proves to be important.

While much content focuses on third-party apps in the majority, here in this article, you can see fantastic solutions that will help you learn how to save tiktok with no watermark effectively. So, get ready and read on!

Introduction to TikTok Watermark

Want to know how to save TikTok with no watermark? If yes, before jumping into the topic directly learn about TikTok watermark and continue. A TikTok Watermark is nothing but a mixture of a logo and the username of the original publisher that is included in a video intentionally. This is set with a purpose: to safeguard the authenticity of the video. More prominent brands and applications like TikTok usually add watermarks to their videos/posts to save their content from getting copied. That’s why the watermark holds so much significance and is tough to remove.

Though the reason is a good one, many find it annoying. Want to know why? Simple. Nowadays, users are not using just one platform; they have accounts in every application.

As TikTok's videos are short and effective, the idea of using it across other channels to drive traffic is more. Henceforth, many want to remove or save Tiktok videos without a watermark. So, here are some methods that can help you learn how to save tiktok with no watermark effortlessly. Continue reading to download Tiktok video effectively.

How to Save TikTok With No Watermark?

If you search on a browser for content to learn how to save TikTok without watermark, every content talks about third-party servers. While it is also essential, some other best methods can solve your problem rapidly. Are you curious to know what those methods are? Sit tight and read the next section to quench your thirst.

Pro Tips:

Remember, these are some of the most effective ways to solve your problem instantly. So, even after you follow these methods, there won’t be any change in quality.

Method 1: Crop the Video

The first and foremost method that you will learn under the section on how to save tiktok with no watermark is Crop. Cropping is one of the best methods to remove the watermark from your TikTok video. While you might already know this technique, you would not have considered it for removing watermarks and saving TikTok videos. Hence, now, with the help of this blog, know the steps and learn how to save Tiktok with no watermark on iOS and Android instantly.

  • Open your mobile gallery.
  • Choose the downloaded TikTok video and click Edit.
  • Next, in the edit option, click the Crop icon and zoom in to adjust the shape of the box. If you choose the ratio 16:9 or 3:2, you can expect better results
  • Once you are okay with the adjustment, remove the TikTok watermark.
  • Lastly, when satisfied with the results, click “Done” and save Tiktok video.

Method 2: Include Border to The Video

Another simple yet effective way under the topic of how to save tiktok with no watermark to use it on your mobile or desktop is by adding a border or frame. Yes, the simplest trick of adding a border can make a lot of difference. Hence, add a video border and hide the watermark of the video well.Moreover, you can use the best free online video editor to make the desired changes to the TikTok video. This can be helpful because when the border is added, the viewer’s concentration will stay only on the main content. So, no more worry about the presence of a watermark over here.

Method 3: Blur The Watermark and Save the TikTok Video

In the quest of learning how to save tiktok with no watermark blurring the watermark is an apt way to save you from a tricky process. Wondering how to do it brilliantly without spoiling the look of the video? Simple, to blur the watermark, you can choose editing tools in your gallery or any other video editing application. Once complete, select your logo to cover the watermark.

That’s it! As simple as that. With this method, you don’t need to worry about quality. Because the quality will remain the same, ensuring better reach for your video in all forms.


Remember, in the process of learning how to save tiktok with no watermark this stands as the best. So, when adding blur effects to the watermarks, you must add multiple effects to cover different parts of the video. Hence, do it patiently. Only then the results will look good.

Method 4: Use Free TikTok Video Downloader

If you are looking forward to using this method, then many tools available to download Tiktok without watermark are available. So, searching for a suitable app will be much easier than you thought. But if you want an effective site or app that does the job smoothly.

Yes, Free TikTok video downloader, you can easily (tiktok) download video with no watermark and succeed. Keep up with the reading to learn how to download Tiktok without watermark using TikTok Saver.

  • Visit and select the Free TikTok Video Downloader option.
  • Type in your username and choose the video to download Tiktok without watermark.
  • Next, click the option “Download” to get your video within minutes.

That’s it! In no time, you can see your saved video in the gallery and enjoy watching offline. As you learned how to save TikTok with no watermark, then why can’t you try tiktok download video and repurpose it over other applications?

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermarks?

Once you learn the process of how to save tiktok with no watermark the next process of downloading videos is exceedingly easy. You should select an app or site that suits your needs and download TikTok videos without a watermark.

The best part of downloading videos via apps or sites is you can access them through a mobile or desktop effortlessly. For that, all you have to do is follow these steps ( Don’t worry, whatever the apps are, the process is more or less the same). So, without further ado, know the steps and enjoy.

  • Select the video you want with TikTok saver on your mobile or computer.
  • Click the “Share” button.
  • Copy the link and open the tool of your choice.
  • Paste the link over there.
  • Next, click “Download”.
  • Once done, your video will be downloaded without a watermark.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to save TikTok with no watermark automatically?

To save TikTok videos without a watermark automatically,

  • Select “More options” that are available on the bottom screen.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Save post without watermark toggle.”
  • Once you find it, Turn on the toggle button.

Easy! Now, when you download your video, your video will be downloaded without a no-watermark instantly.

2. How do you remove watermarks from the TikTok video after downloading?

Till now, you might have got the answer for how to save TikTok with no watermark. In contrast, the best way to help you remove the watermark after downloading the video is ‘cropping’. Yes, once the video is saved in your gallery,

  • Select the video and tap the option Edit.
  • There, click the “Crop” icon and move the position to fix the shape of the box.
  • Once it is set, remove the TikTok watermark.

3. How to save TikTok with no watermark on iPhone?

To save the TikTok video on the iPhone, the process you should follow to how to save tiktok without watermark is simple. They are,

  • Click on the Sharing icon that is available in the bottom-right corner of the video.
  • Select the option “Save video”.

When you do this, your video will get saved instantly. Once complete, you can crop or blur the video according to your necessity.

To Wrap Things Up!

Doesn’t the methods and information you read through this blog look promising? If yes, make sure to use it whenever the need arises. While most of the details in the blog are easy, a few topics related to third-party apps are added for convenience. So, understand the use of all the methods mentioned here and utilize them accordingly.

As TikTok is extremely popular for its short video format, downloading videos from it is beneficial. Hence, with the help of the blog, learn how to save TikTok with no watermark instantaneously and enjoy!

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