About Us

A leading digital marketing expertise that combines unique strategy and intelligence to bring effective growth. Our firm ensures to offer real-time results. We help you track the accurate follower count of popular TikTok users across the globe. By determining the real-time followers, likes, and video count of other profiles, you can see how the competitors perform and more essential statistics.

Why Should I Leverage TikTokCounter App?

Nowadays, TikTok is growing as a fierce social media platform with massive competitors. People are trying to stay updated to get ahead of the competition on TikTok. Data seen on TikTok may not be accurate, or it may be delayed. Hence, we came up with an idea of live followers, videos, and likes count on TikTok.

By searching a TikTok profile on our website, you will get to know their real-time count. Our website is completely safe and secured. You do not have to worry about anything! Leverage our website and get the real-time count of any TikTok profile.